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13 September 2007 @ 07:05 pm
Meep mumble mope.

Buggering knee. AND I couldn't find a cup of tea ALL afternoon! Seven faculties I tried, not a single one had a cup of tea for under 70p, all except the English Faculty and their bloody machine wouldn't accept my money! Then I went back to college to get some chocolate and THAT machine wouldn't accept my money! AND they've stolen the vending machines from my faculty :'( What to do, folks?
What I'm thinking: sorepain
What I'm hearing: BBC World Service
12 September 2007 @ 07:30 pm
My college just failed to charge me for dinner. This was quite pleasing - well, free lasagne always is. I wanted pudding but didn't think I should push my luck. Next time, maybe...

Happy New Millennium, by the way.
What I'm thinking: stressedstressed, but not by lasagne
23 August 2007 @ 04:59 pm
Well, I said I'd post something of interest, but instead I'm going to mention the blanket I'm making. It's purple and orange so far but will be many more colours. I also have my great-aunt staying, but no fear, as she's more of an Aunt Dahlia than an Aunt Agatha :) My creativity kicked in briefly today so I wrote a poem, which was quite pleasing (I aten't dead!). And no, you can't read it. Not yet.
What I'm thinking: creativecreative
What I'm hearing: Comedy and Cake
22 August 2007 @ 10:35 am
Hannah be a happy. There are marvellous people in Two Shades and they made the ruptured shoulder all worthwhile! I can't be fagged with a long Edinburgh post so I'm not going to bother; I'll just say sorry that I got somewhat reserved in the second week. The trouble with being a shy and solitary type is that when I'm forced to be constantly social and have nowhere private and loving to escape to, random meltdowns sometimes happen. But the comedy was amazing! As were the sell-out shows and the whole damned city and singing in an acoustic club (even if the audience was only composed of Two Shaders and a random woman)! Yay!

Back at home now, I have many tea and some lovely friends who have put important things into beautiful perspective for me and giving me general advice, a lot of which revolves around tea. Speaking of which, I'd better go and make a cup. Hurrah for tea! Also, random hurrahs for arifirh, countess_reziapozorvlak , Tristan and young Chrisjim, for no particular reason other than general coolness. Not that they're the only cool people around, but they are definitely cool.

I will post something meaningful later. For now, I'm off to do some slightly one-armed cleaning...
What I'm thinking: accomplishedaccomplished
31 July 2007 @ 08:39 pm
I've been sent a little gardening magazine with lots of lovely flowers in it.
I'm getting a little over-excited about my garden next year...

Much to report on festivals and so on, but that will come later. For now I'm going to watch the Proms and look at my gardening magazine.
I wonder what I'll be like when I'm 40...
What I'm thinking: ecstaticanticipating...
What I'm hearing: London Town - Bellowhead
27 July 2007 @ 01:39 pm
It's Warwick Folk Festival starting today! Am full of excitement. I've cleaned up my wellies, washed all my molly kit and filled my bag of plasters and painkillers :) Now we're waiting to find out when arifirh will be arriving and then we'll be OFF!
What I'm thinking: excitedwoot!
What I'm hearing: Anything that starts with folk
23 July 2007 @ 01:17 pm
Molly makes the world a better place. So do molly dancers generally.
Yay I' ve applied for a house! It's lovely.

Can't wait for next weekend now. Warwick Folk Festival! I'm dancing in the ceilidh spot as well as the Morris Tour and *insert general excitement*

I can't believe how much better mollying for a day has made me feel. Only five days til the next molly spot, then the second week of August, then I move to Camb in September thus will have molly EVERY WEEK! Woot!


I ache unbelievably...
What I'm thinking: energeticexcellent!
What I'm hearing: The Rochdale Coconut Dance
09 July 2007 @ 01:23 am
I'm going to London tomorrow, staying til Thurs. I might get to see people. Also [info]mr_coomber needs something to do on Tuesday evening, as I'm going to hang out with my bessie and need to palm him off onto someone else for a while ;-p

I might get a shiny new haircut.

Facebook statistics: My Albums.

Molly: 7
Cules/VOLES: 8
Everything Else: 7

Cules is /just/ winning.
After Warwick FF it won't be, though *grin*
What I'm thinking: sleepysleepy
What I'm hearing: ee bai gun but a'm cawd...STILL!
02 July 2007 @ 10:09 am
Well, last night's post was a cheery bugger, wasn't it?

This morning I am rather cheerier, though the headache suggests that once again, too much cider happened. But I got to pass out on the bed, wake up and transfer myself into hte bed, wake up again, remove dressing gown and glasses and pass out once more and to have some lovely dreams involving pirates. And the mafia.

Go away, you darned headache.

Much molly dancing has happened and it was all amazing fun. I think part of today will involve putting photos on Flickr and some videos on YouTube. Hurrah for pointless activities! I shall also be looking for my passport so I can possibly go to Syria later this year...

Look out for molly photos, coming soon to an LJ near you!
What I'm thinking: soreow (go away, headache!)
What I'm hearing: It Suits Me Well - Dave Swarbrick
20 June 2007 @ 12:53 am
Am on verge of collups with quantity of STUFF. But on the upside, I now have a shiny pocket watch.
I must remember that degree thing, because I quite like it and don't want to forget to get books before I go home.
mr_coomber finally joined facebook! I feel proud - my relationship is now validated.

Amusing story about Miles the younger and strange men in my bed will be told as soon as I've worked up the energy.
Might also take a picture of the amazing bruise on my knee and put it on Flickr so everyone can be disgusted.
What I'm thinking: exanimatedead
What I'm hearing: the tune to Ultimate